Modular Effects Pedal

A few years ago I saw a prototype for the Console guitar effect pedal on Kickstarter. I loved the idea of a modular pedal with cartridge-like effects and immediately invested in one on the site. Sadly, despite the success of the Kickstarter campaign and amidst scandalous investment issues, the pedals were never produced. So, in the spirit of DIY with a little tweaking of the original designs for the Console, I decided to create my own fully functional effect pedal (note: I am in no way affiliated with the original designers of the Console pedal).

Similar to the original design, this pedal offers two fully controllable effect pedal inputs with 5 pots per effect, an external expression input for both effects, as well as a serial/parallel switch with blending and polarity reversal. It’s been a very versatile analog effect pedal, with a hint of retro feel every time I plug in a cartridge and crank it up. I’d be happy to share the schematics/build guide if anyone is interested.


I’m also considering mass-producing the effect cartridges, which are currently 3D printed and use perfboard-style boards. The cartridge artwork shown obviously can’t be reproduced for sale, but I’m happy to share my design files if someone wants to print their own for non-commercial purposes.

Videos forthcoming!


This fall I decided it was time to invest in a 3D printer / CNC machine to help print plastic cases for the Munchbox and mill aluminum enclosures. I wasn’t satisfied with paying an exhorbitant amount for a standard 3D printer so I decided to build one of my own. The design is based on Vicious Circle’s Mostly Printed CNC with a slightly larger total area (nearly 3 ft. x 3 ft.) and a modular tooling system. I’ve installed the 3D print extruder and heated bed for testing, so far everything works great! Total cost including all materials, electronics and 3D printed parts is less than $300. If you’re interested in building one, send me a message and I’ll help you get started.